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I started this blog a decade ago when I was a wedding designer as a way to share trends with brides. Eventually, the blog became my sole focus and I began to produce orginial content in 2009. Now, I work with a variety of lifestyle brands as a prop stylist and set dresser. Below is my recent prop styling work and over 1200+ posts of back content.

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
- Maya Angelou

Cosmetic still life stylist November 1, 2022 Cosmetic Textures and Swatches for Osea’s Skincare Products It was such an honor to create all the new texture swatches for Osea Malibu. From lotions, to masks, to powders, to serums and oils, is was a smorgasbords of different textures. I wanted each tex... Cosmetic still life stylist November 1, 2022 Iconic Pink Campaign for Beauty Blender Beauty Blender's iconic pink sponge is a well loved and well known makeup tool in the beauty industry. For this campaign is was all about HOT PINK and I think it shows. Tone on tone hot pink sets wer... Photo Stylist May 28, 2022 Organic Swatches and a Mylar World for
About Face Cosmetics
About Face's new eye paint FRACTAL came in a unique packaging that was a bit of styling challenge. Being a flat packet it needed some structure via risers so it would sit nicely in this crinkly world...
Cosmetic still life stylist May 28, 2022 Futuristic Cosmetic Styling for
Urban Decay
Cosmetic Styling for Urban Decay Cosmetics involved simple futuristic sets. Up first, a stylized product photo of a range of eyeshadows shot on a mirrored backdrop. I placed the eyeshadows in a grid ...
Cosmetic still life stylist May 27, 2022 Artistic Cosmetic Swatches and a visit to the Moon for
Freck Beauty
For Freck Beauty's new Lashrocket Liner photographer Will Deleon and I highlighted the cleanness of the product design by using classic black plexi as our surface. One of the main features of the lin...
Cosmetic still life stylist May 27, 2022 All the Shades with
Rare Beauty
Inclusivity is at the center of Rare Beauty's mission, and I had the pleasure of styling their new skin tint, which, as you can see, comes in a wide range of colors. The client wanted to create image...
Set Dressing May 18, 2021 Set Dressing for Yardzen Set Dressing for Yardzen was all about bringing a backyard space to life. I created an al fresco tablescape using potted herbs, fresh clipped citrus, and bbq foods fo... Photo Stylist May 18, 2021 Surreal Product Styling for Crazy Cups Surreal product styling seemed liked the only logical look for Crazy Cups coffee pods photo shoot. I collaborated with photographer, food stylist, and creative director, Yasmin Alishav to create these... Set Dressing February 9, 2021 Lifestyle Set Dressing for Toyota Lifestyle set dressing for Toyota included a promotion for the Lunar New Year and for Holi Festival. For the first lifestyle set, I was tasked with cleaning and curating an existing storefront in LA'... Jewelry Stylist February 3, 2021 Jewelry Styling for Robbins Brothers Jewelry styling is always fun to style, I mean who doesn't like a little sparkle? For Robbins Brothers' holiday promotions I styled these winter wonderland mini sets for their fine diamond jewelry. M...