EST. 2008
I started this blog a decade ago when I was a wedding designer as a way to share trends with brides. Eventually, the blog became my sole focus and I began to produce orginial content in 2009. Now, I work with a variety of lifestyle brands as a prop stylist and set dresser. Below is my recent prop styling work and over 1200+ posts of back content.

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
- Maya Angelou

Prop Styling Cosmetics September 5, 2020 Product Styling for Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin I had the pleasure of product styling for Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin recently. Product styling is a very detail driven type of styling and one that I really enjoy. I like to play with lots of angl... Flat Lay Prop Styling May 22, 2020 Flat Lay
Product Styling
Day Designer
For this flat lay product styling shoot Day Designer really wanted to use the theme of the covers to drive the prop selection and styling. To do so, I sourced vintage and retro props accents from Ot...
Prop Styling February 20, 2020 Product Styling for Skincare Brands Product styling for skincare brand, Nature's Repair was so much fun and educational too boot! The owner is super knowledge about really and truly natural skincare - as in ingredients so natural you ca... Prop Styling for Apparel September 14, 2019 Catalog Set Dressing: Lands’ End Business Catalog set dressing for Lands' End Business was all about bringing the office to life (guess all those of hours of watching "The Office" finally paid off). For props, I pulled all sorts of office sup... Prop Styling August 28, 2019 Lifestyle Set Dressing:
I'm excited to share these motion videos of lifestyle set dressing for Zrtyec where I prop styled three outdoor sets. The first set, an outdoor patio scene was inspired by California living. I brought...
Flat Lay Prop Styling August 16, 2019 Product Styling:
Day Designer
Tabletop product styling is one of my favorite types of photo shoots. This is some recent flat lay styling work I did for Day Designer. I painted custom backdrops in the brands colors as well as match...
Prop Styling Cosmetics July 16, 2019 Swatch Styling
for Cosmetics
Swatch styling for cosmetics has been a new type of flat lay styling I've been learning. I did this test shoot with Dan Simmons and I had fun smashing and smearing all the cosmetics. For lipstick,...
Flat Lay Prop Styling May 13, 2019 Tabletop Styling
for Sun Basket
Tabletop styling is my favorite type of prop styling. And when you're styling with beautiful, tasty food, even better. For Sun Basket, I styled the flat lay beauty shots of food for promotional vide...
Prop Styling February 12, 2019 Set Dressing for Apparel Set dressing is one of my favorite forms of prop styling. Recently, for Men's Wearhouse, as part of their new prom campaign, I was asked to dress a 17 year's old boys bedroom. The story line was that ... Prop Styling December 13, 2018 Ayesha Curry
Cheeky Kids
Photo styling for kitchens, and interiors, in general, is one of my favorite things. I mean who doesn't want to buy all their fantasy kitchen decor? This project was extra special since it was for...