Organic Swatches and a Mylar World for
About Face Cosmetics

May 28, 2022

About Face’s new eye paint FRACTAL came in a unique packaging that was a bit of styling challenge. Being a flat packet it needed some structure via risers so it would sit nicely in this crinkly world made out of mylar. Extra photo magic effects by the photographer Mandy Stoller.

product stylist cosmetics | | photo: Mandy Stoller

For each color, the client really wanted each shade to have its own distinctive feel. I used a variety of palette knives and different levels of product to create thicker and thinner swatches. I like how the different shapes helps the glitter in the eye paint catch the light in different ways and really shows off the luminosity of the product.

makeup product styling | | photo: Mandy Stoller for About Face

This group shot was a little bit like a house of cards with a lot of putty (and a little post-production magic) to create this very chrome-centric photo.