It’s that time of year when the Farmer’s Market is going off and Persian cucumbers are readily available, not to mention amazing carrots grown locally by Roots Farm. This recipe by Duo takes advantage of the best of the market and puts it all into one tasty salad. Enjoy!

Armenian Cucumber and Three Carrot Salad:

Serves 6-8

– 3 Armenian Cucumbers (feel free to substitute another seasonal cucumber)- thinly sliced

– Carrots cut on the bias – 4 cups (ideally use a combination of Purple, Yellow and Orange carrots)

– 4 ounces Chevre (you can substitute Greek Feta)

– 2 tablespoons mixed fresh herbs (oregano, mint and basil)

– 1 teaspoon Flaked Sea Salt (we use Maldon Sea Salt)

Honeyed Lemon Vinaigrette:

– 1 tablespoon Honey

– Juice of One Lemon

– 1 tablespoon White Wine Vinegar

– ¼ cup of Olive Oil (First Press, Extra Virgin)

– Salt and Pepper to taste

To Make Vinaigrette:

Combine first three ingredients. Stream in olive oil (whisking constantly). Season to taste.

To Assemble:

Combine Cucumbers, Carrots and Herbs. Toss with Vinaigrette. Add Flaked Salt. Crumble Chevre over the top. Wild arugula is also a nice addition if you would like to add greens to the salad, the spicy notes compliment the sweetness of the carrots and the vinaigrette.

Photographer: Karen Wise Recipe: Duo Events 



カシオ パスファインダー

Yum! This looks like a perfect summer salad. I will have to try this.