This past week its been Fiesta in Santa Barbara or a celebration of “Old Spanish Days.” My favorite Fiesta activity is visiting, and eating my way through, our Lady of Guadalupe’s Fiesta. I’ve never seen it really captured any where, so I reached out to Arna Bee to come experience what I consider the “real” Fiesta. The function of this event is to raise funds for the church and the food is hands down the best there is. Above, this little girl was kind enough to model the seriously amazing corn.

On the left, asada being cooked off for tacos, on the right the best BBQ corn ever. According to the “corn man” this machine is his own invention, the rods keep the corn spinning so that each kernel is perfectly cooked. Then you can get it dregged in butter, mayo or parmesan, or some combo of both.

Also, here, the best cheese enchilidas ever. They ain’t pretty, but damnit they’re good. On the left, birria tacos, aka goat. Aka tasty (Arna and I indulged in these post-shoot).

And of course the crowds come out in full Fiesta gear. On the right, an attendee eating the amazing home made churros and on the left, an adorable couple with a plate of tamales.

Eggs are filled with confetti and are for sale every where, and the children are all about cracking confetti eggs on each other’s heads. For weeks after fiesta, you can will see confetti in the cracks of the side walk, in the landscaping, and most likely, somewhere in your home too…

And for me… well I’m still dreaming about the corn… Happy Monday everyone, and Viva la Fiesta!

Photography: Arna Bee // Produced by: Kelly Oshiro for SB Chic



Definitely post this again next year right before Fiesta! I’ve always wanted to go, I hear it’s the best food in town, and not to mention supporting a good cause. Love the fun photos.