Flower Chic: Blooming Branches

Blooming branches are so amazing this time of year. They add life to any room and they last forever (these were shot 3 weeks after I bought them… and lasted 6 weeks total).

Common blooming branches this time of year are quine, cherry, apricot and plum (these are quince). To ensure a long life, use a hammer to smash the ends of the branches to allow for proper water uptake. Place in a tall vase with water and change the water weekly. For a wedding, blooming branches work well for tall ceremony arrangements, welcome table or seating card arrangements, and on a dinner table as they add great height to a tabletop design. In your home, any buffet or console table will make them look great. And there you go, a little piece of spring inside your home.



Flower Chic: Blooming Quince Branch Centerpiece http://t.co/OLUYqMaSiT

Loving these beautiful blooming branches! http://t.co/i8f1ecejoN via @sbchic

Lovely set of pictures. I love blooms 😀 I love Cherry Blossoms the best but these are so pretty! I agree with Lesley. A great idea for an easy arrangement indeed!

What a great idea for a lasting and easy arrangement! Santa Barbara has some beautiful blooms right now.