Color Palette: All the Colors of the Rainbow

January 17, 2013

While soft muted palettes are always a safe bet for a wedding or a party, I personally like to go bold and I think using all the colors of the rainbow would be super fun for a bridal shower, engagement party, or yes, even a wedding. The key to making this color combo not to cray cray, is to balance it with a lot of white and clean, modern edges.

In the past, I’ve used washi tape on simple white butcher block paper to make a rainbow runner. I also used it to cover simple glass pillars with candles. Washi tape is translucent, so the glow of the candle will be filtered through the colorful tape.

The runner is pretty cheap too make, but it does of course tape a fair amount of time, but I think it’s worth it!

Of course, what’s the fun of a rainbow themed party if you can’t “taste the rainbow”? Enter Enjoy Cupcakes and their adorable rainbow bright cupcakes!

On the table, the cupcakes pop against the graphic rainbow napkins.

Enjoy also made a mini-rainbow cake (see them in the frosting?) and topped it with a handful of colorful fruit.

And, of couse, a flower girl with a rainbow of hula hoops, is always a winner!

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Collage photos from left to right, top to bottom: 1. Unknown 2. Thinkspace Gallery 3. Paper Sculpture by Jen Stark 4. Paul Malon. All images via my Pinterest (Kelly Oshiro // SB Chic)

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