Flower Chic: Making a Merry & Bright Floral Crown

December 19, 2012

I’m so excited to share this merry floral crown idea that is featured in the current issue of Flutter Magazine. You can check out the feature here and here’s how to re-create the look yourself.

First up, lets assemble the materials. You will need:

straight wire

floral wire

– pretty ribbon

floral tape

floral shears

– flowers, I’m using red dahlias, orange ranunuclus and dusty miller

Begin by making mini bunches of flowers and tie them together with floral tape.

Take the straight wire and cut to about 9″. Attach ribbon with a glue gun on either end so you can tie the floral headdress around your head.

Then, working in one direction, attach you flower bundles until you’ve completely covered the wire.

And ta da! You’re done, now you can sport flowers in your hair whenever you feel like. Enjoy! To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.




Great tutorial! Easy to follow and gorgeous result. Thanks for this!

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