I’m smitten with these black (well or pretty close to it) flowers! Black scabiosa is frilly and delicate, black dahlias are geometric, and chocolate cosmos are such a sweet, tiny flower. I love the idea of using these flowers for boutinerres for a moody winter wedding…

Seriously how stunning would a black dahlia against a white dinner jacket?

To make boutinerres is really, really, easy to do:

1. Begin with a flower and one piece of foliage (here, I’m using dusty miller).

2. Place the foliage behind the flower and hold between your two fingers.

3. Then grab a piece of stretchy green floral tape.

4. Stretch the tape as you wrap around the flower and the foliage, creating a little bouquet basically.

5. Then wrap the boutinerres with whatever ribbon you like. You can either glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the bout or you can pin it (depends on the size of the flower).

6. Stick in two pearl headed pins so you have those ready to go once your ready to pin it to your groom.

If you’re making this the night ahead, leave the flower stems long and place in water. Then when your ready to use, simply trim the stems and you’re good to go. Happy flower arranging!



Flower Chic: Black Bouttonnieres {Swoon!} http://t.co/AHibsKl0 h/t @KellyOshiro

So chic, wrapped and everything… I love them!

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There’s definitely something to say about dahlias! Loving the idea for this.