I love documentary photography that captures the process of creation… And what could be possibly better than a glimpse into how wine is made? Especially wine that is 100% made the old fashion way, by hand. Patrick Moyer captured the action as  Whitcraft Winery cleaned and processed their grapes for fermentation.

First up the wine maker… Drake.

After the grapes are harvested they need to be cleaned, have their stems removed, and be crushed.

Most wineries use mechanical presses to crush the grapes but Whitcraft, makes their wine the Old World way. Wine is pressed under foot (a la Lucy).

The wine is then fermented and hand bottled.  Whitcraft Winery has a tasting room in Santa Barbara so come on by for a glass. Cheers!



Looks and sounds delicious! Homemade wine is absolutely delectable.

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making wine the old fashioned way with #whitcraft winery + stunning photos by @PatrickMoyer http://t.co/mT6sJdVM