To create yesterday’s thanksgiving centerpiece, begin with a shallow, oblong bowl.

1. Since this container is wood, line the bowl with a piece of plastic (a trash bag would work).

2. Then soak two bricks of floral foam and place on the top and side.

3. Cut a piece of floral foam in half, length wise, and wrap with aluminum. This is where your stack fresh persimmons will go (and guests can take if they want, which is why I wrapped that piece of foam in alumnium, nobody wants their fall fruit with bits of floral foam!).

4. Begin placing the persimmon branches and bittersweet to create the base shape of your arrangement.

5. Place your dusty miller to cover the foam and use floral picks to place persimmons at different heights.

6. Place your flowers at different levels, alternating dahlias, ranunuculus and brunia to create texture and interest. Rotate the container regularly so you can make sure you’re arrangement will look good all the way around.

7. Place a stack persimmons in the lower right corner to finish and you’re done!

You will need the following for your arrangement:


-1 bunch of persimmons on the branch

– 8 large persimmons

– 1 bunch bittersweet

– 3 bunches orange dahlias

– 2 bunches of dusty miller

– 2 bunches of ranunuculus

– 1 bunch brunia


– 3 blocks of floral foam

– floral shearers

– floral picks

-piece of plastic

Alternatively, if you’re a bit strapped on time, grab some persimmons, place them in a low bowl and entwine bittersweet around the fruit.  Happy arranging!



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What a BEAUTIFUL arrangement. I have to hunt down some persimmons 🙂 thank u for the insipartion.

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These is so beautiful, love it!

Definitely some nifty tips. Thanks!

Ooooh, this is so beautiful! I love the mix of orange with the dusty miller!

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