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I’m always for a wedding that makes the best of the season. One, because all the decor is readily avaliable (ie probably less expensive than flying in some exotic, out of season flower) and the look will always be timeless. For this wedding, I envision a pre-ceremony welcome station with hot apple cider and cocoa. Natural fall leaves could line the aisle in place of rose petals and gourds and pumpkins could serve as the containers for flowers. Would you consider a fall themed wedding?

Description: Shades of orange, yellow, fall colors, gourds, seasonal menu

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Anna Williams 2. Meg Perotti 3.LovinSullivanCake 3. Marcus Hay {Row 2} 1. Nicollete Camille 2. Michele Waite 3. Anna Williams 4. Laura Novak {Row 3} 1. Helen Norman 2. Minna Mercke Schmidt 3. Heidi Johannsen



Oh I’m loving this! Fall weddings are so romantic. Thanks for posting these up.

the wedding cake is so nice :X love it

Of all those details and colors the cake got my attention. I wonder if it is hand painted as so it looks to me

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