Hellebore is such a lovely and delicate flower, its definitely one of my favorite winter flowers (flowers can be purchased at Fabulous Florals). The delicate purple freckles and its loose, slightly droopy stance makes it perfect for loose garden-y arrangements.

Hellebore can, now doubt, be a little finicky. When prepping these flowers for arrangements, cut the stems to your desired length and then put in hot water (just short of a boil) and hold for 5 secs. This will help ensure water uptake and make sure you don’t end up with some sad flowers. For this simple, but gorgeous arrangement you will need:

-2 bunches Hellebore (generally a winter flower but avaliable now as well)

-pretty glass container (I’m using this one that’s 3.5″ x 6.5″ from Jamali Gardens)

-Floral shearers

-Hot (close to boiling water)

Since this particular vase is relatively tall and narrow, you don’t need any clear floral tape, the flowers itself will create a natural frog when you arrange them. Place a handful of blooms in the container and then weave in more blooms to create the shape that you want. Enjoy!

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[…] in season. When you get them, put on a pot of water and bring to just under a boil. Snip your hellebore to the desired length and then dip into the hot water. This will give them a much longer vase life. […]