I love a palette of rich jewels tones in flowers. Mix in some umbrella fern for a forest-y vibe, and you’ve got a colorful and fun centerpiece.

For this arrangement you will need:


-1 stem fritillaria

-5 stems fuschia peonies

-3 stems of umbrella fern

– 1 bunch red astilbe

– 8 stems purple anenomes

– 10 stems purple tulips

-10 stems lilac

-5 stems allium, purple sensation


-brick of floral foam, cut with a knife until it fits your container

-bucket of water

– floral shears

-container (mine is from Jamali Garden and is available here)

Begin by cutting your floral foam so that it fits your container (a craft knife works great for this). Soak your foam in water for several minutes until completely soaked through. Begin by putting a few pieces of umbrella fern at the base and the start placing your flowers, I generally start at the top to determine the highest point of the arrangement and then work down to the base from there. Keep turning your arrangement as you place flowers so you can make sure your arrangement looks good from all angles. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.



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I looooooooooove this!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

a little late… but better than never, jewel tone floral how to going down: http://t.co/qtjfXOwE