I think most women I know are obsessed to some degree with the glamour of the French. And this real Santa Barbara bride from French Canada has that certain jen ne sais quoi in spades. I love the pearl accents and the black bow makes this dress ever so chic.

Throw in a classic car, a doggie in a bow tie (!) and a beautiful white bouquet and you’ve got one elegant and timeless look. Would you go with a French vibe for your wedding day?



Beautiful, elegant, and true lifestyle photography. Congrats to the gorg couple!

This is the groom. I don’t normally read blogs… but decided to read the comments since we were asked if they could show our wedding photos on this blog.
I am a smoker and thus would not be offended by my wife smoking… please keep in mind when writing personal attacks that this is my best friend, partner, and love of my life on the most special day of our lives. It may be easy sitting at home on your computer to air out your personal opinions and jump on the bandwagon of anti-smoking… This is not some fake wedding that is used for promotional purposes… This was a real wedding, and our photographer was approached because they liked our photos and asked to use them. I am an advocate of free-speech so please go ahead and continue casting judgments, typing nasty things about people you don’t know, and have a great life.

And frankly, men smoke cigars at wedding all the time. Would it be considered bad taste to show that in photos?

Smoking or no, those are stunning images. I like to see real people doing real things, especially in wedding photography and on blogs. Whether smoking is healthy or not isn’t the point, that image was beautiful and helped tell the story.

Her Hair looks so classy. As does the dog, pearls, man and limo….

Choosing to include the shot of her smoking was probably not the wisest. Considering how many people die from lung cancer, glamorizing it is rather offensive.
It is easy to understand the look & vibe they are trying to create but instead of classy it went crass.

I agree with the other commenters about the smoking. Especially since that image was first. She is clearly beautiful, as are the photos, but all I could think about when looking at this series is how badly her pristine white dress must have smelled.

UGH…there is noting classy about a cigarette and especially dangling from a bride’s mouth. With the exception of that first images….the others are gorgeous. However, it kind of ruins the mood of the rest.

The bride is no doubt beautiful. And I love all her pictures except the first one. A bit shock to see a bride smoking on her wedding day. Just saying…

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wow so fabulous! what a gorgeous wedding/ couple… so audrey hepburn and classic 🙂 xx,
The Golden Girls

Its her personal style… this image to me seems like it could be from the 1950’s and not today and that’s what I like about it.

She’s lovely, but glamorously French or not, I found the first image of her smoking off-putting. All I could imagine was that her mouth and breath would stink when she went to offer her groom a kiss. =P