I’m  so excited to introduce a new column, floral chic with photographer Nancy Neil. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a floral head wreath using gorgeous clematis. You will need: 6-7 stems of clematis, 20 gauge floral wire and pliers.

Start by measuring the circumfrence of your head and twist two pieces of the wire together to make a circle. Take your first piece of clematis and a small piece of wire (about 2″). Using your pliers, wrap the small piece of wire near the head of the flower to secure it to your circle. Since clematis is a vine, you can take the stem and wind it around the circle to cover your wire base. Secure with additional 2″ pieces of wire where you need to.

If you’re making this ahead of time, you can put the stems in floral water tubes to keep the flowers hydrated. Once you’re ready to wear, take the stems out the tubes and clip any extra stem length off. Next week, I’ll be making a coloful bouquet to match our headdress.




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So in love with this. I want one Kelly!!!

who likes clematis? I know I do… learn how to make a floral headdress, right here: http://t.co/coDRufBI