A Trip to the Flea

October 24, 2011

Probably my favorite form of shopping is treasure hunting… aka flea markets. Kirsten of Beaux Arts Photographie and I made an excursion to the Pasadena Flea a couple of months ago. I was shopping for funky goblets for peach bride (found by the way, 10 mini goblets with etched dragons, $25 for all) Along the way I of course got distracted by all the vintage glass. I brought home this happy red peacock seltzer bottle…

But what I really wanted to bring back with me is this chandlier. Its insanely good. If she were mine I would put her in my grand (imaginary) foyer, the kind where a big sweeping staircase comes to meet a perfect black and white floor…. Someday…

Photos by the lovely Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie.



I adore the chandelier as well! Still searching for my perfect chandelier though! Flea markets are the best way to find some jewels like these…


For me the flea market always gives more fabulous choices than any other place.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE flea markets. I think my favourite flea markets were in Milan <3 So much culture 🙂