Inspiration Board #51: Modern Red & White Stripe


I love a wedding with a graphic design element and these extra wide red and white stripes are just that. I love the timeless modernism of stripes, plus this color palate just seems so energizing and fun. I picture this wedding taking place at a beach and the ceremony arch would be a take off on this old red and white cabana. The bride would rock some serious red heels and dance the night away.

Description: Red & white stripe, modern, fun, playful

Photos from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Lucas Allen 2. Elizabeth Messina 3. Polly Eltes {Row 2} 1. Polly Eltes 2. Styled by Jane Roarty



loving the great pumps with flower detail

Oh Kelly! You are just too good!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this!!!