Glitzpick by Cynthia

June 30, 2010


Everyone at Santa Barbara Chic knows I love Tiffany & Co…so much so that I once did a research project on the infamous jewelry company for a college term paper. It’s not wonder, than, that Tiffany’s is the first place I look to find the best in wedding and bridal jewelry. These amazing 18k gold Paloma Picasso heart statement studs are the perfect bridal accessories for the woman looking to exude elegance without all the glitz and sparkle. And, as with any Tiffany’s statement piece, you’ll have numerous opportunities to wear these  earrings again and again for special occasions over the course of your marriage! It’s ironically a perfect match for my favorite heart ring (and first glitzpick post on Santa Barbarara Chic):

Picture 4

These would make a perfect duo (and Tiffany’s…I’m still a size 5 ring)! Get these amazing bridal jewelry pieces, here and here.