Glitzpick by Cynthia

May 12, 2010


For the bride who loves antiques, this Victorian-inspired sea glass “WorryLocket” from GhostShip, an eco-friendly sea glass & artisan jewelry store on Etsy, is the perfect wedding necklace. According to owner & designer Kyra Crilly, sea glass usually comes from old vintage glass medicine jars and spirit bottles tossed overboard by fishermen decades ago. The more common colors are white, amber and green, but sea glass can also be found in rare colors such as blue, lime, yellow, orange and red. This beautifully crafted necklace above was modeled after worry beads from ancient Greece, which were carried around to relieve stress and anxiety (talk about a great thing to have for wedding day!).  The 18″, .925 sterling silver chain with Victorian style clasp is filled with genuine vintage sea glass reclaimed from Canadian shores. Be sure to check out GhostShip‘s website for more stunning pieces, and StellinaStellina later today with an Santa Barbara Chic glitzpick inspiration board.