New Name, New Site, New Look

May 10, 2010


I’ve changed my business name to Kelly Oshiro Design! I’ve updated, my logo, added services, and re-designed the website and the blog. Why the name change, you ask? I wanted to convey that I’m not just a wedding planner with a checklist, but an event designer. I sketch, I create things by hand, always inspired by the couple’s stories and personalities. At the same time, I understand the military precision with which an event needs to be planned (right down to high chairs for the kids and how many transit cabinets the kitchen needs). This is what, I hope, makes me unique in a very saturated wedding market.



I will, of course, be working with other paper companies, depending on my client’s needs, but I thought it would be a nice service for the client who is looking for the total package.

You may also notice the blog looking a little bit different as well. I’ve moved things around a bit, I hope you guys enjoy the new look! Let me know if anything is broken or acting wonky.

Images: 2 & 3. Kirsten Ellis for Beaux Arts Photographie



Congratulations, Kelly! I love the new look of your logo and blog. Very well done!

The site looks absolutely fantastic!

Congratulations! The site looks wonderful.

congrats, kelly! sounds wonderful.

Congrats on all the hard work Sam and Kelly! It looks awesome!