Spain was so awesome and endless inspiring. I was so excited to see the jewel of Moorish architecture, the Alhambra. I took this photo of the wall looking up to the ceiling.


Every surface of this Moorish palace is intricately decorated with the most gorgeous geometric patterns in carved plaster and tile work.


I took so many photos but, I still don’t think I captured even 10% of the detail.


Can you believe this star dome? It didn’t even look real in person. So gorgeous!


I also visited the amazing Mesquita in Cordoba.


The pillars and striped arches make you feel like your wondering through a forest of trees.


Moorish architecture uses a lot of water features to reflect there beautiful buildings. I captured this image of the Alcazar in Sevilla. Can you tell I was an Art History major?


I also loved seeing La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi in Barcelona. Its under heavy, heavy construction (surprise!) but you could still see how Gothic architecture and Gaudi’s organic aesthetic met and blended so perfectly into the form of this building.


And of course, the iconic leaned walkways of Park Guell also by Gaudi.


Ah yes, and then there was the food. One of my favorite tapas was a tomato spread with jamon and drizzled with olive oil. It was so nice to get away, but I am very happy to be home. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, posts will return to normal next week!



So beautiful.. how wonderful to visit Spain.. how dreamy! love it! hugs- b

Church… Sagrada Famila – Gaudi… Love it

You just brought me on a mental roadtrip! I studied in Granada and went to the alhambra so many times! It’s truly an amazing site. My friends were in Cordoba which is also breathtaking. Love your blog..just found it. Thanks for the lovely time travel!

Wow, those carvings are stunning. I especially love the third photo. Must have been awesome in person.

Wow Kelly! Those pictures are wonderful and totally bring me back to my time in Spain. I studied abroad there a couple years ago and I miss it so much! Thanks for sharing!

Incredible architecture of the church. Looks like it grew right up from the earth. It baffles me to think about the amount of skilled labor it would take today to build (and all the permits). Matti