Anthropologie Wedding- The Cake

March 17, 2010


For the cake design I really wanted a bottom tier that was twice as tall as the top tier. I love the proportion of April Reed’s cake and that was definitely an inspiration to me.


The cake was created by Robyn Loves Cake and she is an expert at sugar flowers. Can you believe this sugar flower peony?


The pattern of cut fondant was taken from the bottom of Stow House. Its a very Victorian detail on the house and I loved that little bit of texture on the bottom of the cake.

cake_design_anthropologyThis is the sketch I gave to Robyn. I debated using a dahlia versus a peony, and ended up going with the peony. But as you can see Robyn executed the sketch to a T!

Photos: Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie

Cake: Robyn Loves Cake

Design: Kelly Oshiro Events



Wow. I like the flower. Seems melting and looks so yummy and real flower

What a great cake. The flower is fantastic. Very nice.

That cake looks too beautiful to eat and that peony looks amazing

Beautiful! Absolutely love the flower.