There was this great rusted fence at Stow House and I thought it was the perfect place for the seating cards. Betsy Dunlap did the calligraphy and I clipped the little cards to the fence with mini clothespins.


Instead of making up faux guest names, I used some of my favorite authors as “guests” for at my Anthropologie wedding. I love George Eliot and Betsy’s calligraphy makes her name so pretty (and its an awesome keepsake for my office!).


For the invitation design I gave Megan of Nutmeg Press, three sources of inspiration: I wanted an aqua  fade with the couples names in white and to use the pattern and color of the napkin fabric for the design inspiration. And this what this what she created:


The blue fade is so pretty and subtle and the copper dashes tie in perfectly with the napkin pattern.


The menu cards were little booklets the size of a business card with all the courses on each page. It was bound with copper thread. I was so in love with the invitations and Betsy calligraphy they are definitely getting framed and hung somewhere in my office!

Photos: Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photography

Invitations: Nutmeg Press

Calligraphy: Betsy Dunlap

Design: Kelly Oshiro Events

Location: Stow House



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