Inspiration Board #45: Colorful Garden Soiree


This inspiration board was inspired by the girl sitting by the window. I love the flowers in her hair, the open window, and I can totally picture her as a carefree relaxed bride. The wedding would feature a garden fresh menu, tons of sweets, flower girls in marabou skirts, and bunches of fresh tulips will decorate the tables.

Description: Playful, colorful, garden wedding

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Lisa Lefkowitz 2. Laurence Pasquier 3. Helen Norman 4. Anna Skoog {Row 2} 1. Rose Hammick 2. Anna Skoog 3. Jose Villa {Row 3} 1. Anna Williams 2. Corrie Bond 3. Sandra Lane



You really know how to put your spreads together and find the greatest photos that stay within your style! LOVE it! As always!


love this collection…

I absolutely love this! It’s so fresh, playful, and clean!

agree!!! Cake looks awesome!!!

can i please have some of that cake ? mmmm