Inspiration Board #44: In the Orchard


I love the apple orchards in England, and so for this inspiration board I designed a simple, chic wedding. The bride would wear wellies and her hair down, her neighbors would play music while sitting on apple crates during the ceremony. Guests would bring baskets full of food and drink for the reception. And the table for reception would be decorated with the apples of the orchard.

Description: Orchard, England, white, red, apples

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Corrie Bond 2. Karen Mordechai 3. & 4. Mikkel Vang {Row 2} 1. Deborah Williams 2. Martha Bernabe 3. Marcus Hay 4. Tina Rupp {Row 3} 1. Geoff Lung 2. David Tsay 3. Jim Franco