For this month’s Pretty Posey, I wanted to create a very Edwardian/Victorian look. I used white Scabiosa and Ranunculus as the main flowers, and mixed in Dusty Miller, Misty Linolium, and Baby’s Breath.


After the center of the bouquet was completed, I circled the outer edge with sprigs of– baby’s breath. I know baby’s breath gets a bad wrap, but I think that’s just because it looks hideous paired with red roses. In a huge bunch, it looks very pretty and delicate. Then I layered the dusty miller (the silver leaves) around the ring of baby breath to ground the softness of little blooms and provide a contrast in texture.


I wanted the texture of the bouquet to feel like antique lace. I envision the bride who would carry this bouquet would wear an heirloom lace gown, the groom would wear a morning suit, and they would get married in a quaint stone chapel like you’d see in a small village in England.

A special thanks to Tim Halberg for photographing the bouquet!

Floral Design & Styling by me.



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I absolutely LUUUUUVE this bouquet – haven’t seen white scabiosa as the “main” flowers in a bride bouquet anywhere lately! So glad I checked out your blog for this look!

Oh, Hilary, I got married in August without a wedding planner because I thought the budget couldn’t handle it. But in the end, I, THE BRIDE, was the only person who really knew all that needed to get done, and as a result, things didn’t get done and I was stressed to the point that I hardly remember my wedding day! Don’t let this be you! Hire Kelly or someone, even if your budget is tight! It is worth going into debt to be able to ENJOY your wedding, especially because you cannot go back after it’s happened to change things. Trust me on this.

Oh my god, this is so beautiful! I love the way you use texture. So good!

So pretty, very delicate. I absolutely love your blog! It’s especially inspiring since I’m getting married in Santa Barbara. I would hire you in heartbeat if it was in my budget.

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas (and shoes!)

I love this bouquet, Kelly.