My Valentine’s Day Table

February 10, 2010


Just in case you missed the post at The City Sage, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from my Valentine’s Day table.


Anne from The City Sage asked me to create a cheap, chic table that her readers could replicate at home. Since I’m not in red roses, I decided to pick a color scheme based on two sources: 1. The wall in my kitchen is painted a super saturated orange, so I figured why fight what’s already there! 2. Pink Depression Glass. I had been looking at pink depression glass for another project and I thought it would be perfectly cheery paired with the orange. Better yet, Anne, unknown to me, has a thing for pink depression glass and sent me her dinner and salad plates for the shoot.


Once I had the color scheme set, the decor was easy. Anytime anybody mentions Valentine’s Day to me, all I think about is the copious amounts of chocolate I eat (my hubbie and I generally kill a one pound box of See’s nuts and chews). So I thought using chocolate for decor would be perfect– cheap, easy, and delicious! I used stemless wine glasses and martini glasses that I already owned and then I bought some pink depression glasses on ebay ($10 for 5).


The piece de resistance, though was the woven crepe paper table cloth. For a whopping $3 bucks the look is chic, but easy to copy and so darn cheap. I started by cutting all the long and short pieces. Then I laid out the long pieces and taped the crepe paper to the edge of the table and placed books about halfway down the table. Then I started to weave my colors. After the first section was complete I glued all the intersection with a glue stick. I then repeated the process on the last half of the table.


I have pegboard in my kitchen which I usually hang my pots and pans on (1920’s cottage = pathetic amount of storage space). I took off the pots and used cut carnations to make a heart (it is Valentine’s Day after all).


I hope you’ve been inspired! Big thanks to Anne for asking me to contribute and to Tim Halberg who shot all the photos!



The peg board heart is perfection! You are genius!

Love the color palate. Looks great!

this is such an amazing table, kelly. and something so unexpectedly pretty. the carnations on pegboard is my favorite look 🙂

loved it, kelly. great job!