Puppy Time

December 22, 2009


Introducing… Mira! We rescued her through Labs and Buddies. She was rescued from the floods in Taiwan by Animal Rescue Team Taiwan. She’s a lab/formosa mountain dog mix (a breed from Taiwan). We think she’s about 2 years old and she is very well behaved. She loves to cuddle and sleep on your arm and is quite clumsy. This photo is her after her first bath.



wow she is gorgeous and looks EXACTLY like my dog Kahli. who is a rescue from taiwan as well. they look almost identical! and we got her december of 09 also

This is a nice present for you this Christmas! This cute dog is a blessing to you!

Lovely!! Congratulations for your attitude. There are so many dogs waiting for a real home!!

What a great Christmas present!

Miss Mira…adorable!