Sneak Peek: Fashion Wedding

October 23, 2009

Beginning the walk

About a year ago, one of my readers, Wendy, contributed a series of posts about going to Italy to get her wedding dress made by Giusepe Papini.


Now a year later, Wendy was kind enough to send photos from her day. Stay tuned for more details on Monday! You can check out the original “Made in Italy” posts: here, here, here, here and here.

Images: 1. Don Wenderski 2. by Wendy



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wow!! that dress is AMAZING!!!

Great job! I like design it is superb and Qutu dress with umbrella.

Well, I saw the dress in Vogue Spoza, an Italian wedding magazine, and it was definitely the one. But I wasn’t expecting to ever even see Giuseppe Papini! I nearly died when I met him! He wanted to meet me because I had come all the way to Italy to get his dress, and he decided to make the dress unique for me by changing it slightly. He re-drew his original drawing the dress and gave it to me (second picture). He is simply a brilliant designer, and I was just lucky that he was also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. 🙂

Wow! Nice dress and she actually worked with the Italian designer. Very cool. Love the photo of the finished product. Nicely done.