Welcome to Santa Barbara Chic

September 14, 2009


You may notice that things look a bit different around here. I’ve updated the layout so I can feature bigger pictures, and most importantly I’ve changed the name of my blog from Santa Barbara Wedding Chic, to Santa Barbara Chic.


I’ve also updated my main website, as well, be sure to check out the new design page, featuring flowers by me and photographs by the lovely Tim Halberg.


Why the change the name, you ask? Because I feel like this blog has evolved and “wedding” in the title wasn’t capturing the true essence of my design blog. So I hope you enjoy the new look and a move towards featuring more design inspiration from the world at large.


And don’t worry, I will still be featuring inspiration boards, Santa Barbara wedding locations, and the occasional vendor spotlight. More of my work is on its way (some of it is in the process of being submitted to other blogs/magazines, hence the delay). I hope you enjoy the new direction I’m going in and let me know if any of you run into any technical difficulties with the new layout.

Images from top: 1. Polly Wreford 2. Tim Halberg, design by me 3. Jim Franco 4. Chris Everard



Congrats on the updates! PS – I’m coming to Santa Barbara for my engagement photos and my 30th birthday! If you happen to know a great restaurant we should hit I’d love a recommendation. I haven’t been back in over three years!

hey girl! congrats. i love the new look and the gorgeous photos!

I enjoy reading and looking at all your lovely pictures! Great ideas!


I just wanted to let you know that I love following your blog. It is definitely chic =) One problem I should point out, however, is that some of your pictures do not display in the Safari browser. I often have to switch to Firefox to view the pictures. Just wanted to let you know.