Inspiration Board #26: Aqua & Green

I love the vibrant color combination of aqua and green. Its so fun, whimsical, and in a garden setting the colors just work for me. I picture this wedding with vintage touches (antique glass, bird cages) and over-sized garden pots.

green_aqua copy

Description: Aqua, green, vintage, garden

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Siri “Sandra Dee” dress via Junebug 2. Tina Rupp 3. Leo Patrone 4. Elizabeth Messina {Row 2} 1. Cooper Carras 2. Tia Borgsmidt 3. Gemma Comas {Row 3} 1. Anna Kern 2. Chris Everard 3. Tine K Home



I love this palette! Very appropriate for an early afternoon wedding! LOVELY!

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