Inspiration Board #25: Picnic Wedding

The inspiration for this board came from Karen Mordechai‘s photo from her Sunday Suppers blog (second row, far right). I picture this wedding as a very casual picnic style wedding. Rustic peach cobbler would be served instead of wedding cake, and family heirlooms, such as the cameo below, would give this wedding a personal touch. For more picnic ideas check out this board from Snippet &  Ink.

picnic wedding

Description: Picnic, summertime, home cooking, burlap textures, a touch of pale pink

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Jeff Newsom 2. Tim Evan-Cook 3. Frances Janisch {Row 2} 1. La Vie Photography 2. Michele Waite 3. Karen Moredchai {Row 3} 1. Anders Gramer 2. Karen Moredchai 3. Lessa O’Rielly



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I like this style!
I found you, looking for picnic inspiration images. I Just put your link on FB! 🙂
Love this post.
Your blog is absolutely inspiring.
Regards from Tuscany.

I’m usually not a fan of pink, but definitely of the “vintage”/”casual” look. Love the board!

I like!!! Especially the hints of soft pink!