Inspiration Board #24: On the Lake

I love a pretty lake, and a love the idea of a wedding inspired by this setting, but not taken to literally. I imagine this wedding with soft mint blue touches and a very casual, but elegant vibe throughout.

lakeside wedding

Description: Lakeside, picnic, soft blue, summer

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Kate French 2. Frances Janisch 3. Liz Banfield 4. Laura Novak {Row 2} 1. Leo Patrone 2. Lessa O’Reilly 3. Bella Figura 4. Jose Villa {Row 3} 1. Frédéric Lagrange 2. Trine Thorsen 3. Janne Peters



YES! Totally yes! We’re having a lake wedding and I bet those baskets would look fab with our theme. Thank you!

This is such an exquisite board. Love the mood, the color echoes, and the shapes. Brilliant!