Cherry Blossoms

April 29, 2009

cherry blossom wedding

So, I’m back from my trip to New York and it was amazing. Lots of eating, wandering around museums, and shopping. The cherry blossoms are in bloom and reminded me of these photos.

Perfect for a spring wedding, cherry blossoms are so delicate and just darn pretty.

cherry blossom wedding

I love the styling of this photo so much (if you can’t tell, I have a serious obsession with wellies).

Cherry blossoms and blue skies, what could be better?

Images from top: 1 & 2. Polly Wreford 3. Gemma Comas 4. Ngoc Minh Ngo



gotta love cherry blossoms … and wellies

Makes me want to renew my vows in the springtime. Love the boot idea too!