Inspiration Board #20: 60’s Blue Polkadot

I’ve been in love with this Duston Todd photo of the bride (in a tea length dress!) and groom ever since I saw it a few months ago on Coco & Kelley. I’ve equally been obsessed with these Chinese lanterns hung like light columns for a couple of years (by Martha Stewart, of course). I picture this wedding taking place near the ocean, with cute polka dot details (though not too many) and a very casual buffet reception with gourmet sandwiches.

Description: 60’s vibe, polka dots, blue ribbon, summer

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row1} 1. Duston Todd 2. April Reed 3. Martha Stewart {Row 2} 1. Petrina Tinslay 2. & 3. Liz Banfield {Row 3} 1. Dunston Todd 2. Polly Wreford 3. Frances Ruffanch 4. Chris Everard



I’m with you on the lanterns. Someday, someday…

don’t you just love that photo?? i’m obsessed with it too! 🙂 the wedding i posted about this week – well, the reception is taking place in private party area that overlooks a pool… i was DYING to try those lanterns until i found out that it won’t be dark enough, and in october you can’t really count on the weather cooperating either… *sigh*… someday…

love the board! 🙂