Inspiration Board #18: Sage & White

This board was inspired by the styling of the green lady in the bottom left corner by Lacey Style. I love the over sized flower petals which remind me of delicate hydrangea. I picture this wedding taking place in Paris, with the bride wearing a stunning sparkly number for her wedding dress and then changing into that gorgeous green suit for the grand exit.

green white cream wedding

Description: Shades of sage green, taupe, hydrangea, Paris

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Tina Rupp 2. Gemma Comas 3. Meg Perotti {Row 2} 1. Chris Everard 2. Karen Wise 3. Jennifer Skog {Row 3} 1. Lacey Style 2. Polly Wreford 3. Brian Doben