New Rentals = New Obsession

April 8, 2009

I’m in love with these new candle walls from Town and Country. They’re 10 feet tall and add so much drama to a space. Plus they’d work perfectly to divide a tent into “rooms” if you needed to. They can be rented with or without the sheer drape and with or without LED candles  (though in a tent you’d have to do LED).

This fabulous chair is part of the new Montecito collection. Bridal portraits in this chair would be awesome.

And of course they have a matching couch. I love the rustic/elegant feel it has.

Oh yes, and this black and white awesomeness (I’m a sucker for anything black and white).

All items are from Town & Country Event Rentals.



I just used this candle wall (from T&C) for a wedding I did at Dodger Stadium and it was fantastic! We lined the shelves with baseballs and had the bride and groom autograph them for the guests!

Love your website!