Inspiration Board #17: Vintage Glam

Since everyone seemed to love that vintage photo of the cascading, arch tulle, dress I though it would be the perfect inspiration for my vintage glam board. I picture this wedding being less about colors or any specific decor, and more about the fashion and the glamorous location. I picture the “bride” in the photo would have the most stylist bridesmaids ever, a Rolls Royce, and very dry martinis for her guests.

vintage wedding design

Description: couture, fashion, vintage, touches of gold, lace, magnolia and roses

Images, from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Kelli Jo flikr 2. Styling by Eva Lindh 3. Phil Poynter {Row 2} 1 & 2. Polly Wreford 3. Roland Bello 4. Amelia Lyon {Row 3} 1. Karen Mordechai 2. Elizabeth Messina 3. Leo Patrone 3. Ryan Phillips



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That dress is to die for – I love how you’ve brought it to life here!