Paper Goods: My Brochure (ie shameless self promotion)

March 18, 2009

My brochure has been in the works for almost a year. I knew I didn’t want a throw away flier or a big bulky folder. Instead I wanted a little couture piece that would be a reflection of my style. I saw this format on a blog and I knew it would be perfect:

This format would be ideal for potential clients to be able look at the brochure, and if they like what they see, they can take a card. That way paper waste is cut down and I could be proud of this little commercial work of art.

So after many revisions (too many to count), I present the making of my brochure along with a big THANK YOU to my resident book artist, handmade paper guru, and letterpress wiz, Megan of Nutmeg Press.

First all the copy was laid out in Illustrator and then made into a negative (one). The negative is then made into a polymer plate (two).

Then the letterpress is inked, the plates set on the bed and the paper is run through the press (three). Then each piece is laid out to dry (four).

Then the press is cleaned and inked with the second color, green. After the second run, the finished piece, with green and black ink, is left to dry.

A belly band was made to wrap around the brochure featuring my logo (seven). We used book cloth as the front and back of the book. Glue is applied to the book cloth and then attached to thin cardboard. The corners need to get tucked in perfectly so no cardboard shows through (eight).

Finally the book cloth board is attached to the front and back of the brochure (nine). The finished product!

Up next photos of the finished brochure and its box.



Totally ridiculous!

[…] up of the event design page. You can see the orginial posts about how the brochure was made here and my photos of the final product […]

these turned out so well. i love them!

Absolutely beautiful and chic! I’m impressed!