Inspiration Board #10: Green Wedding

I’m a huge, huge fan of the color green. So for this board I thought I’d focus on green textures: ferns, leaves, limes, succulents and so on. Greenery can also be used as an alternative to floral centerpieces which can be great for the budget and is eco-friendly.

Description: contemporary greenery, texture

Column from left to right, top to bottom: {Column 1} 1. Ryan Phillips 2. Paulette Macarons 3. Vallentyne Photography 4. Gentl & Hyers {Column 2} 1. Anna Williams 2. Vallentyne Photographer 3. Elizabeth Messina {Column 3} 1. Gemma Comas 2. Tina Rupp



I love this board!

If you are president of the Green Fan Club, then I am surely the VP. I wish I could get more brides on board with the idea of using interesting foliage and leaves–love those ferns in the bottles! This is a great way to conserve some money, and you can always have a few show-stopping pieces full of flowers at key places to add some color.