Inspiration Board #8: Farm Elegance Wedding

I love this tabletop photo by James Carrier (upper right corner), featuring simple linen textures and sweet ranunculus. I picture this wedding taking place under magnolia trees at the family farm.

Description: Linen, cream, touches of orange & yellow

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: {Row 1} 1. cake by April Reed 2. Thayer Allyson Gowdy 2. Sign by Jose Villa {Row 2} 1. Groom by Jose Villa & White Garden Roses by Michelle Rago 2. Invitations by Chewing the Cud 3. Our Labor of Love {Row 3} 1. James Carrier 2. Shoes by Corbin Gurkin



Ooh I love this inspiration board. Huge fan of farm/country wedding themes. Wish the wedding invitation was clearer but I’m loving the bicycle silhouette 😀