The Little Ones

My favorite memories of any wedding I plan or attend always seem to center on the little ones of the big day.

Kids add an element of fun and laughter, even if they’re crying or decide to run back up the aisle during the middle of the ceremony (and its always interesting to see what they do with their basket or pomander they’re carrying).

Kids of course tend to have a short attention span, and very little ones, say less than 5, may need to be escorted down the aisle by their mom.

To put parents at ease, I like to have a babysitter and a kids area available. Coloring books, Spongebob, and some familiar food, (chicken fingers anyone?) and a place to crash go a long way to ensure that your little ones have as much fun as your adult guests.

Images from top: 1. Liz Banfield 2. Jasmine Star 3. Leigh Miller Photography 4. Meg Smith 5. Amelia Lyon