Inspiration Board # 4: Purple & Yellow Retro Wedding

I love this fun combination of yellow with a deep purple. I picture this retro wedding taking place in an art gallery or in a loft setting. Inspiration came from the center picture of lights by I.Anton’s flikr.

Description: Yellow, purple, retro, modern, and some bling

Images top to bottom: {Column 1} 1. Erez Sabag 2. Next Exit Photography 3. John Dolan 4. Mamluke Flikr {Column 2} 1. Tina Rupp 2. I.Anton’s flikr 3. By Leah 4. Shoes by Oscar de la Renta {Column 3} 1.Purple dress via this is glamorous 2. Nato Welton 3. Jeff McNamara



Love retro stuff..And the purple annd yellow idea is so me! Thank you!

When you are planning retro wedding,So it will be most attractive thing purple & yellow retro wedding because this is showing different than other.Yellow retro will be a powerful conversation starter among those old enough to remember it.

What a fun and retro color combo! I love how the purple and yellow just play off one another. So fun! So chic!

Wow you’re right purple and yellow really compliment each other and a retro style dress would really work in yellow.

Love the purple high heels for the Bride but not so sure about the purple dress, which I assume is meant for Bridesmaids. Unless they have a rich skin colour I think this could really drain them and make them look quite ill.