Who doesn’t love seeing pretty wedding dresses hanging up ready to be put on by the excited bride?

I love this vintage looking dress, its so different and cool.

I love this photo! It really highlights the dress’ simple elegance.

How cool is it to have a photo of your wedding dress in the church were you got married?

A shot of the wedding dress in nature is unexpected, but oh so pretty.

One of my favorite shots within this theme are these photos by Whitebox Weddings. I love that they shot the bride’s undergarments and the groom’s suit on a clothesline.

Images: 1. Chris Everard 2. Laura Novak Photography 3, 4, & 5. Whitebox Weddings



Love that first vintage dress with the pattern on. It would be a brave bride to go with an unconventional dress but she would look absolutely stunning IMHO.