Slightly Vintage

November 10, 2008

I’m a big fan of using retro and vintage inspiration for event design (plus you can find a lot of decor at flea markets or eBay for very reasonable prices).

I love the simple tile runner of this table with bowls of floating flowers. It looks so effortlessly chic.

I love the 60’s style of this bride.

I love these bridesmaids dresses– slightly 60’s and very practical. I’d wear this dress again!

A polka-dot tea length dress? Too cute.

I love how the bright 60’s colored flowers pop against the color of the bike.

Images: 1. Artfool 2. John Dolan 3 & 5. Vallentyne Photography 4. Jeff Newsom



How sweet…Hope I can find a partner like that someday.

I love those bm dresses! I would totally wear that out.