October 22, 2008

Purple is the new “it” color. I love this photo’s retro style and simple purple flower.

I love the garden-y, shabby chic sensibility of this shot.

I love this cute little bubble skirt dress. It would be the most adorable bridesmaid’s dress.

Subtle purple roses paired with feathers are so glamorous.

Pink orchids, purple flowers and a tarnished silver container are just so elegant.

And last, but not least, these amazing shoes by Oscar de la Renta.

Images: 1. Thayer Allison Gowdy 2. via Sweet Paul Blog 3. via This is Glamorous 4. Artfool 5. Michelle Rago 5. via This is Glamorous



Purple is the theme I used in my last fashion shoot. Specifically Tyrian purple for a more vintage, or softer natural feel than the hyped magenta or cyan loaded purples.

I love that purple bridesmaids dress! Great shade of deep purple.