October 20, 2008

Lanterns are some of my favorite ways to add drama to any event design.

I love the way driftwood branches form a psuedo-tree on which the lanterns hang. How pretty would this be as a backdrop for a beach ceremony?

White accodrian lanterns strung in between palm trees; so simple and pretty.

The spiky shape of these star lanterns are so fun and funky. Paired with tons of candles you’ll have instant dramatic lighting for your wedding.

I like when lanterns are different sizes and shapes but still have the same look.

Two Morrocan lanterns paired with a modern and clean white table. So chic.

Images: 1. Chris Everard 2-3. Leigh Miller 4-5. Ben Dearnley



Where can I find the star shaped lanterns??? I’ve wondered for years when I’ve seen them at restaurants and places like that – and I was just telling my girlfriend that I want some in our house. Help me be a hero!

I love these! I’m going to add them to my destination wedding blog: Lanterns are great for photography as well…

Gosh, I am trying to find away to incorporate lanterns into my wedding weekend. Something about them is just so romantic and the light is so amazing in pictures. These are beautiful examples.

I LOVE hanging lanterns from trees and stuff, adds depth and a great mood as well!