Signature drinks at weddings are a great way to welcome guests and provide a pop of color and interest at the bar. Best of all, coupled with serving wine and beer, it can help keep your alcohol bill under control.

To me, a signature drink does not need to be a new drink, but rather it should be a favorite drink of the couple. The best way to make your signature drink memorable is is to pay attention to presentation.

I like to have a good 20 drinks setup on a separate table from the bar or tray passed. This helps prevent a long line at the bar (one of my biggest pet-peeves), and all the drinks lined up with their beautiful garnish is just so pretty. Make sure your caterer gets the drinks set them up a little before guests arrive so your photographer can get a shot of them.

All signature drinks don’t have to be alcoholic. Refreshing cucumber water or a great lemonade are perfect for a pre-ceremony welcome drink.

So have fun creating something personal and refreshing for your guests to enjoy at your wedding.

Images:1. Gemma Comas 2. Frances Janisch 4.Feastivites Catering 5. Anna Williams



I love the idea of having a signature drink.

Love it! Reminds me of being on a cruise ship. 🙂