Our final post for photographer’s week comes from Elizabeth Messina:

weddings are such beautiful rituals…..the celebration of life & love with family and close friends….as a photographer I feel so blessed to be included in many of the most intimate moments at a wedding celebration…..

it is an honor and a tremendous responsibility…..i have learned many things over the years…one of the most important is to remember to breath…to look around and feel the moments as the unfold….there is magic all around you…..laughter….

light coming through the trees….your dress….your new husband looking at you…..flowers on tables…the very ones you spent hours deciding on…. all of these things together, little and big, are celebrating the love you have found with another human being….

even the things that go less than perfectly, become part of your history, your story….embrace all of it….and as your wedding day come to an end….remember it is not an “end” at all but rather the most wonderful beginning….you will take three
very important things with you….your husband…your memories…and your photographs of that moment in time….as you are deciding on a photographer to capture your wedding….

its important that you really connect with their work and more importantly with the photographer as a person….the more at  ease you feel in the presence of your wedding photographer, the more beautiful your photos will be….your wedding images are in many ways family heirlooms that you will share with your children and your children’s children…..there are so  many wonderful photographers, in every price range…so be thoughtful and don’t worry…its a little like finding the right man….you only need one…. wishing you love and happiness….elizabeth



I like the bouquet of greens and enjoyed the rest of the photos, especially the intentionally sepia-ed photo of Eiffel, or the relic of.

The wedding images is given a nice memorable moment in our future. That we can share with our children and our children’s children.