Introducing our Guest Blogger: Wendy

This week Wendy, a dedicated reader of this blog and a Santa Barbara bride, will share a very unique story about how she found her wedding dress.

This post first came about when I asked Wendy to write about the challenges she’s experienced as a bride during the planning process and if she had any stories or advice to share that with other brides. When she mentioned she flew to Italy to get her wedding dress, I knew that would be a great tale for my readers. So enjoy, our five part series, “Made in Italy.” And a big THANK YOU to Wendy for writing this post while she was on vacation.



Thank you for making the most beautiful dress in the world, Giuseppe! You were SO KIND to me. I did not deserve it! Thank you!!!!! 🙂 You will get a wedding picture in August!

I’m Giuseppe Papini, the designer of Wendy’s dress.I am so happy to see the picture of my dress…Wendy and her mum have been so kind!!
We expect the picture of marriage…